AirPort Express

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


This nano review is for the Apple Airport Express router. This was a router sold by Apple providing key features in comparison to its competitors. It included airplay functionality through the auxiliary jack and Air printing through the USB port. This version was launched in June 2012 and during the time period, it contained new functionality that was not present in other routers. One of the features that I found useable was the fact that it provided devices that supported 5 GHz with the 5 GHz band automatically, while the older devices were given the 2.5 GHz. That created a lot less traffic on a network that has more than 20 devices connected at one time.

Once unboxed, I connected the wireless router to my modem and then it initialized a breezy setup process. It automatically connected t0 the internet and gave quick options to setup the SSID and the password. There is an app installed on every Mac called  “AirPort Utility” and that is where one can manage the necessary settings of the router. An iOS app is also available in the app store. I would rate the setup process 5/5 because it was very easy and simple for the user.

In terms of the ports, there is one Gigabit port and one LAN port. The Gigabit port is used to connect the modem and the router while the Ethernet port is used for connecting 1 computer with the router in a wired method. The lack of ports is another problem, since we are reaching an iOT age with an automized smart-home, it would be better to wire more devices to create less clutter in the network.

I tested the internet and could see that it was much faster and had less network delays than most routers I have used. It was fast and fluid, however, there was a problem. It did not provide the necessary range that was needed for an 2 floored house. I felt that was a drawback with such a powerful and feature filled router. I would recommend this for an apartment, however for an house, you might need to buy the AirPort Extreme to get the necessary full coverage (it also gives you 2TB of space for wireless backups).

Overall, I feel that this was a good buy, however, the 2 drawbacks of the low range and the 1 Ethernet port would affect a power user. However for the average apple user, it is a great product to buy.

Update- Apple has stopped all sales of the AirPort router series.

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